Friday, 18 March 2011

The Optometrist and PDAEC

The improvement EMRs bring to eyecare delivery is beyond doubt. As more and more Optometrist turn to EMRs to aid them in thier services, one EMR that has taken centre stage is the Personal Digital Assistant for Eyecare (PDAEC).

PDAEC's ease of access and use has endeared many Optometrist to its use and are now part of its success story.

Constantly, new and up and coming Optometrist are switching to PDAEC to solve some of their headaches. The ability of PDAEC to function in lieu of other staff members of eyecare facilities is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Truly, there can be no limit to the benefits of using EMRs and PDAEC shares all the positives they bring.

Ghanaian Optometrist turn to EMRs

As the average Ghanaian becomes more enlightened concerning they eye and its conditions, the Optometrist would be required to do more too for his or her patient. The major concerns that eye patients raise are:
*the long wait periods for them to see the eye doctor. One the average it take about two hours for patients to access eyecare services in most MOH hospitals and clinics.
*poor patient education practise from doctor to the patient

With respect to the above most Optometrist the world over are adapting [[ICT]] to help the patient better. With respect to the long wait hours, various Electronic Medical Records [[EMR]]s. These do away with paper and manual recording of patient data. As such the patient does not need to wait for his or her records before seeing the doctor. EMRs the world over have been shown to reduce doctor-patient interactions by up to three times. Thereby speeding up the services that patients require and indeed recieve from thier Optometrist.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

PDAEC full suite Specialist version

 The Personal Digital Assistant for EyeClinic v.3.30.1 was made for the hands on
eye doctor. This program does the work of a Data Clerk, Accountant, Receptionist
etc. by digitally managing the Eye Facility.

This version comes with:
1. improved performance in data entry and manipulation.
2. improved security for stored data
3. a backup of patient records in Microsoft(r) Access(r)
4. separate functions for the Clinician and staff
5. automated entries for certain data fields
6. JayPlayer v.2.5.1 to aid in Multimedia display
7. PDAEC Picture viewer v.1.0.0 for examining patient's past picture history etc
8. Referral Form writer which allows the Clinician to rapidly write and print referrals
9. Patient Education tools and Special Test tools for eye exams
10. Receipt Maker
11. JayCalc
12. WEBBRO web browser for instant access to the internet
13. Appointment scheduler and viewer so you never disappoint a client
14. End User easy portability and function
15. 24-hour support for the quick resolution of any malfunction
16. Client ID Card maker
17. Appointment scheduler
18. Waiting list: to know who is waiting on you for consult
19. Prescription form: for quick printouts for patients
20. wide screen area

It is the purpose of Temple Computer Systems to offer the state-of-the-art software
solutions for EyeCare facilities in terms of:
1. efficient management of Staff and Patient records
2. efficient data storage and manipulation.
3. making an eye doctor function in lieu of his/her staff with mininum fuss.

 Why not call TCS to have a free trial version sent to you so you can run through.

Friday, 11 March 2011

PDAEC Project Complete

It is of great joy that we at TCS announce that the biggest project we have ever
undertaken is finally complete - The Personal Digital Assistant for EyeClinics v. 3.0
It comes in three versions.

This new software is set to revolutionize the face of eye care in Ghana and beyond.
Contact TCS to know more or send a mail and we will reply instantly on

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The world in I.T.

You cannot afford to be left out of the new trends in the world.
why go for a nameless eye frame when you can have a GUCCI?
Why crawl when you can fly?

So how should you write a letter, get an envelope, buy a postage stamp
and use the snailmail when all this can be done on Facebook or Twitter?

The world is changing. It is changing at speeds faster than Ulsain Bolt could
image. Only the other day i saw a new development - USB 3.0 that can transfere
files at rates of 10GB per second!!!!

Temple Computer Systems therefore wants to help companies and individuals to achieve
and attain. Through softwares that move with speed. Propelling your investments to higher