Friday, 18 March 2011

Ghanaian Optometrist turn to EMRs

As the average Ghanaian becomes more enlightened concerning they eye and its conditions, the Optometrist would be required to do more too for his or her patient. The major concerns that eye patients raise are:
*the long wait periods for them to see the eye doctor. One the average it take about two hours for patients to access eyecare services in most MOH hospitals and clinics.
*poor patient education practise from doctor to the patient

With respect to the above most Optometrist the world over are adapting [[ICT]] to help the patient better. With respect to the long wait hours, various Electronic Medical Records [[EMR]]s. These do away with paper and manual recording of patient data. As such the patient does not need to wait for his or her records before seeing the doctor. EMRs the world over have been shown to reduce doctor-patient interactions by up to three times. Thereby speeding up the services that patients require and indeed recieve from thier Optometrist.

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